Vedic-Karma Astrology


Spiritual Life Counseling

An Indian Horoscope ...


is the translation of the cosmic planetary language in the karmic roadmap as a life guide for the benefit of man.


This ancient science of the gee-times is the boat and opens the inner eye on how to navigate the wild ocean of cosmic influences.


It reveals how best to deal now with the fruits of the seeds sown in the past life.



This treasure of knowledge is a key to alleviate or avert misery and overcome problems.


India's "Jyotish" Astrology


- translated "light" (on life) - is India's millennia-old system of divination.

Over time, Indian astrology has been transformed throughout its long history into a fascinating and living science that provides real insight into the conditions of the cosmos at the time of an event (e.g., birth of a human being), and how the inner nature of that event or inner nature of the human being functions within the cosmic order.


 Space and time are fundamental dimensions of existence. In order to better realize :




        Who...........we are


                 Where............we come from


             Where............we go




 the mind strives for knowledge and a greater understanding of the space and time in which we live.


"When light shines on the great calendar of time called the law of karma (action-reaction or cause-effect) and I can see the light of the stars and planets, I see my inner light." (Indian Wisdom)


Therefore, Jyotish astrology is a path that can trans-form life, because man has the freedom to overcome fate conditions through a spiritual attitude:


The different levels of mind, in which the feeling of "mine and yours" (identity) takes place, is a result of the modes of appearance of material nature ("gunas"):


Sattwa = natural state of the conscious mind.


Rajas and Tamas = the two ways in which the mind gets out of balance.


In each human mind, the specific parts of the gunas, represented by the position of the planets in the signs, play a variety of possible roles, triggering different experiences that influence a being and allow it to evolve.


Indian astrology, besides the 12 signs of the zodiac, knows 27 different subdivisions of the same, representing the different gunas.

However, the zodiac is only one key.

The planets, especially the moon, are equally important, if not more so.


In Indian ceremonies, the name of the god "Ganesha" (the son of Shira and Parvati) is invoked, who is an occult ally of Indian astrology to overcome all obstacles.

He represents knowledge and wealth born of compassion.


The fact of the birth of a being on this planet indicates that obstacles are to be overcome.

The way out of the spider web of "entanglements" with obstacles (called the web of illusion) is:


To recognize the inner nature of the obstacles.


To overcome the great illusions instead of being caught by them.


To gain control over one's magnetic force field.


In this way, fundamental causes are eliminated, not only their effects (action - reaction).




Shift of the Zodiac (Ayanamsa)


The Indians include the precession of the equinoxes in the interpretation of a horoscope. Their "sidereal" zodiac goes harmonically with the rotation of the Earth's axis.


In 228 A.D., the sun still rose over the constellation Aries on March 21. - Today, however, the Sun passes through the zodiac on its orbit considerably 23-24 degrees earlier (one sign covers 30 degrees).


Thus, the "tropical" zodiac used in the West is a symbolic one that no longer has any relationship to today's constellations. For the sake of finding the truth, this shift must be taken into account.










Different possibilities of a consultation


On request it can be possible to come for a personal visit to Ambas dham, lodging at our guesthouse



Telephone consultation of several hours.

(In this case I recommend the astrology client to record the consultation additionally).



Required data:

Date and time of birth, place of birth, first name, first surname, current place of residence, phone number.



What does a horoscope COST?:


1.) For private preliminary work 90 Euro including:


-Conversion of the horoscope, including the additional planets used in the West, karma, path and goal finding, planetary periods, transits, Vedic aids.


-Energy of the place of residence related to you. (on request)


-Planetary effects based on degrees and planetary states. Planetary combinations, Kabbalistic - astrological additional comparison.



2) Additionaly according to Indian tradition, there is no fixed price for the subsequent consultation, which lasts several hours.


The science of astrology serves the light, which is there for every being.


Therefore, you decide what you can give for it according to your own possibilities and "what this work is worth to you".








Bhakti (P. Brünjes)


Consulting in jyotish astrology since 1989

Brahman initiation by Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Deva Gosvami Maharaja in Nabadvip/Bengal India in 1987 after several years in India and study of the Vedic scriptures.




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