The mystical Valle Antrona from an energetic point of view




There is a cabbalistic system to describe energies of places or people when astrological data is missing.

According to this system, Valle Antrona is called a "gateway to heaven", which means that behind the outwardly attractive appearance of the valley lies something greater, even more beautiful:

a hidden energy that must first be discovered.

The person whose soul is ready to go inside the world can find this pulsating life force.

In this sense, ideal and spiritual values unite and feed the soul of the wanderer whose heart is open.



According to this cabbalistic system, the Valle Antrona also represents the great Mother with the unconditional love that gives birth to and sustains all life.

This is the reason why in this valley there is a devotion to the Virgin Mary, and as a particularity also to the Black Mary (earth goddess and primordial mother).


Energies of moon and earth unite and form a magnetic force field.

This creates a feeling of security and protection for man - but to find the hidden treasure, the seeker will first meet the guardian of the threshold ...



The height of the mountains with their granite rocks reflect this great teacher of cosmic wisdom.

His name is Shani.

He reigns in these mountains and what he has to give behind the veils of matter are:


Threshold Experiences


relationship between shadow and light


the gate to the "eternal


to the awake consciousness in harmony with the self




so that the inner sun in the heart can warm man on his journey across the earth.